3 on Thursday

I’m off tomorrow to wedding number nine – the last one of the year.  The rest of the weekend is wide open and I’m looking forward to doing some sort of activity that feels particularly “fall” to take advantage of the season.

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  1. On my way to meet friends for dinner in the UWS last week, I walked past this storefront announcing the imminent arrival of a new bookstore.  The left window actually says “Dear New York, You’ve Got Mail…Again,” in reference to the beloved movie that celebrates the independent bookstore.  I did some research and learned that it will be a Book Culture store.  I have some East Side stores that are more convenient for me, but I urge all Upper West Siders to check this place out once it opens.  Book stores should be communities!
  2. Last week I had the opportunity to attend an event that included an interview with Kirsten Gillibrand (great speaker) and a panel featuring Linda McMahon, Tamron Hall (my spirit animal), and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.  The event, put on by on by Time and Real Simple magazines, was all about women and success.  The women had vastly different experience which only underscored that success comes in very different forms.  It was totally empowering!  By the time I arrived back at my apartment I was ready to take on the world!
  3. On Sunday night Lindsay and I went to the theater to see If/Then.  It was refreshing to see a brand new musical that was totally original and not based on a movie or even a real person.  Idina Menzel has some serious pipes.  I was in awe of her voice.  It’s not a splashy musical, but the songs are beautiful and we all wonder how a simple choice can alter your life’s path.  Here, you get to see it played out.