3 on Thursday

As of last weekend, we are done with weddings in 2014.  I have loved each and every one, but I’m kind of excited to have some more low key weekends on the horizon.  That said, my weekends seem to be filling up pretty fast…

  1. In celebration of the brand new Lego store in Flatiron, Madison Square Park was filled with tiny toy builders over the weekend.  Stop by to check out a field of lego flowers or the giant statue of liberty being constructed in the picture here (I love that they’re wearing hard hats!).  There are also some pretty impressive superhero statues.
  2. I recently discovered McClure’s chips.  I’ve had their pickles and bloody mary mix, but now they’re infusing the briny flavor into chips.  I’ve only tried the garlic dill pickle flavor so far.  It’s like a waaay less vinegar-y salt and vinegar chip.  Plus garlic.  And dill.  It sounded weird, but I loved it.  I haven’t tried the bloody mary or spicy pickle varieties yet, but I have high hopes.
  3. On Monday I went to Joe’s Pub to see Freestyle Love Supreme and now I’m ready to sign up and become a groupie.  FLS is basically hip hop improv.  Like any improv show, they take words/cues from the audience and turn them into hilarious, complicated rhymes.  I have no idea how their minds work that fast.  I discovered them because I am a Broadway junkie and when I learned that Lin Manuel Miranda (composer, lyricist, and star of my beloved “In the Heights”) had started this freestyle group along with his “In the Heights” co-creator, I did a bit of stalking until I found out when they would be performing.  Other members of the troupe include Christopher Jackson (also of “In the Heights”), Utkarsh Ambudkar (of “Pitch Perfect” and “The Mindy Project” fame), and James Monroe Iglehart (just won the Tony for portraying the Genie in Aladdin – I’ve seen him on Broadway 4 times in 3 different productions…and he was just as good at this).  There’s also a super talented beatboxer who goes by the name Shockwave.  I was incredibly impressed by their performance, laughed my booty off, and need to see them again ASAP.