Navigating Peaches to Apples

If you’re new to Peaches to Apples, here’s all the dirty details:

The site is divided into four major categories: Restaurants/Bars, Cooking, Food for Thought, and Bits & Bites.  This website houses lifestyle content, but most of it all ties back to food in some way because, well, I’m always thinking about my next meal.

  • Restaurants/Bars: This is where you’ll find all my reviews of bars and restaurants.  Most places I visit are in NYC since that’s where I live, but I also do a fair amount of traveling so you’ll sometimes find some non-New York spots in the mix.  I have included some pages in this section that list restaurants by city and cuisine in case you are looking for something more specific.  I will bi-annually post restaurant and bar recommendations.  These recos will be themed so you’ll know just where to go if, say, your scenester friend is visiting or if you’ve got kids in tow.
  • Cooking: Many New Yorkers use their stoves for shoe storage, but cooking is my way to decompress and exercise my creative juices so I try to resist the endless takeout options and give my kitchen a good workout on a very regular basis.  I’ve included a recipe index so you can search by food type and a section here for tips I’ve learned along the way, but this is where you’ll find all of my recipes, some of which fall into some special series:
    •  Inspiration Station: Each month I take a cue from a film and cook a recipe influenced by the movie (“The Dish”) as well as round up some non-food items inspired by the flick (“The Doodads”).
    • Seasonal Tastes: Each month I’ll prepare a recipe that highlights an in-season ingredient.  Cooking based on seasonality can yield some of the most flavorful dishes.
  • Food for Thought: We all want to be in the know so this is the section where I put content that will work out your brain.  I think one of the best way to keep your mind sharp is by reading and writing.  I am a bibliophile so I’ll post all my book reviews here.  I’ll also post reading lists twice a year so you know exactly which books to pack on vacay.  This section is also where you’ll find a weekly series called “Monday Reads,” a curated list of articles to get your mind working after a lazy weekend.  This section of the site is also where you’ll find the “Thoughts On…” series, which is basically a book club for writing.  I give you a prompt at the start of the month and at month’s end I’ll share my own take on it, encouraging you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) as well.  Think of this section as brain food.
  • Bits & Bites: Nobody has a one- or two-track mind; it can’t all be about food and books.  This last section is where everything else lives (though you’ll notice food is often mentioned in these posts, too):
    • 3 on Thursday: Every Thursday I post a roundup of things I’m doing/loving.
    • 30 Before 30: When I turned 29 I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do, some more ambitious than others.  Each time I check something off the list, I’ll let you know how it went.
    • Stylin: I’ll let you know how I style myself for all sorts of different meals.
    • At the Table: I’m a big fan of decor and hosting parties.  I also think that a nice tablescape goes a long way in setting the mood.
    • Gifting: Decoded: Some people are hard to shop for.  Some people are just terrible gift-givers even when they’ve got an easy target.  Here, I’ll try to make it easy to shop for just about anyone, whether it’s a simple something for the person hosting a dinner party or a Christmas gift for your manfriend.
    • Living Healthy: The older I get, the harder it is to stay fit.  The pounds don’t just fall off – I’ve got to work at it.  This is where you’ll get advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle, from nutritious snacks to new workouts.
    • Sweet & Sour: Have you heard of “roses and thorns” or “high and low”?  They’re different names for the same game that families often play at the dinner table.  You go around the table and talk about the best and worst part of the day.  Talking about the bad stuff gets it off your chest, while remembering the good things is a reminder that there’s always a silver lining.  Each Friday I post my good and not so good moments of the week.  As I head into the weekend, it’s nice to release the “sour” and embrace the “sweet.”
    • PSAs: Whenever I think there’s a store you need to know about, I’ll spread the word here.
    • Tunes: Each month I’ll give you a themed playlist so you’ve got some some good music to listen to while you’re cooking or dining (or while you’re working out so you can do more of the cooking/dining).

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