Food for Thought / Monday Reads

Monday Reads

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  1. Halloween is nearly upon us, which means I will intentionally overbuy trick or treating candy so I have some leftover for myself.  Here’s a handy wine-pairing guide for all those Halloween sweets.
  2. When I was watching the Miss America pageant last month I noticed there was a lot of talk and [even better!] scholarships about women embracing STEM majors/professions.  I didn’t know exactly what that was but, thankfully, explains not only what it is, but also why it’s important.
  3. While people are busy arguing about women’s access to birth control via healthcare, Facebook and Apple just announced they will cover egg freezing.  Seems like they’re trying to say women really can have it all.
  4. You may have heard that it’s Midterm Election time…but still may not be sure exactly what that means.  Now you can peruse this easy to navigate guide to learn what the big issues are and why you should care.

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