Basil Pasta with Mushrooms

One of my Arthur Avenue finds was fresh pasta.  Rather than get plain pasta, I got basil pasta in the hopes that it would have enough flavor on its own, requiring less work on my end.  I was right – you could taste the basil in every bite.  All I put on top was a mix of mushrooms that I found in the frozen section of Trader Joe’s.  If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s, you could easily do the mushrooms yourself by sauteing cremini mushrooms (or a mix like button and oyster) with garlic, parsely, and butter.  Maybe a little wine and corn starch.  All I did was toss my mushroom medley with the pasta (fresh pasta takes max 4 minutes to cook, making this a hero for weekday meals/side dishes), drizzled with some quality extra virgin olive oil, and topped with some asiago cheese.  It was only three days since my Arthur Avenue adventure, but I was already missing my authentic Italian peeps and this took me right back.

basil pasta with mushrooms