3 on Thursday

Albert and I love hanging out, but we were each single for so long before dating each other that we have developed very distinct individual lives.  That means when he’s away, my life doesn’t slow down at all.  While he’s at a bachelor party this weekend, I’ve got a full calendar with a dinner, football, and brunch on the books.

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  1. I learned about Jeni’s Splendid ice cream on a food network special years ago.  I would pine over all the inventive flavors on the website, but it was just too pricey to ship.  Thankfully, they recently opened an stall in Gotham West Market and I got to try it.  I went with the black currant lambic sorbet and the lime cardamom buttermilk frozen yogurt (which paired particularly well together) and then sampled pretty much every other flavor.  It was as good as I had hoped!
  2. The Halloween party I went to had great bathroom decorations.  All you need to create a spooky spot is some red paint, a cheap shower curtain, and lipstick.
  3. Albert is not into Halloween.  I, on the other hand, love any excuse to dress up (costume or black tie – don’t care).  He basically said that the only way he would get into the Halloween spirit was if I figured it all out.  I may not have figured it out until the day before, but it all came together.  I went as the Monopoly man and he was a property (Connecticut Avenue, specifically, since he hails from CT).  It was easy and inexpensive to put together and was more of the unique outfits at the party.  If you have tight black/gray pants, a button down, and a blazer in your closet already (as most girls do) you can make both costumes for about $25.  I completed my outfit by buying a top hat, mustache, and bowtie.  Then I made a cane out of posterboard and a money bag out of a cut up t-shirt filled with Halloween candy.  For Albert’s outfit, I just drew the property details on a $5 white t-shirt and glued on Monopoly money that I printed out at the office.  As a final touch, I handed out Get Out of Jail Free cards that I also printed out at the office.  Big thanks to my office and its color printer for making this Halloween happen.