Food for Thought / Monday Reads

Monday Reads

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  1. Thanks to a trait called hypercriticism, we perceive negative statements as more intelligent. That’s why, sadly, all your bitter Facebook status posts go more viral than your peppy ones.
  2. My high school experience was not full of cliques. It was more like a bunch of people who all got along and then a few “alties” who did their own thing. If you’re looking to understand why these cliques emerge, it’s not because of a bitchy, power hungry queen bee type. It seems the school setup itself is the reason why some schools develop cliques and others do not.
  3. Some people travel to get away from their fam, but a major trend right now is the multigenerational trip, where at least three generations of a family travel together. Read on to see what’s driving it.
  4. There would still be some major restrictions, but there is currently a proposal to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia. This could be huge progress.

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