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Zucchini, Bacon, and Rice Casserole

All I needed to see was “one mixing bowl, one dish” in the caption on Pinterest to know I needed to make this zucchini, bacon, and rice casserole.  Sometimes, for weeknight meals, I don’t care how long a recipe takes.  Maybe I ate a late lunch so I’m not going to be hungry right away anyway.  But what I almost always care about is the ease of clean-up.  Even if I’m not starving and can afford waiting before I eat, I’m usually too exhausted after a long work day to deal with a ton of prep or clean-up.

With this recipe, everything can be prepped in one mixing bowl – even the zucchini can be shredded right in there.  And if you’re worried about dirtying a pan with the bacon, do what I do and cook it in the oven (it tastes the same, sometimes better – trust me).  Then you just throw away the aluminum foil when you’re done, avoiding clean up.  Now there’s really no reason to leave out the bacon…except maybe health and come on – you’re only using a few slices for the entire casserole, which is already packed with healthy zucchini.

Thanks to the eggs and fluffy cottage cheese (which, under normal circumstances, I hate), this casserole get an airy, almost soufflé-like quality.  And like all casseroles, it’s still great on day 2.

zucchini casserole1

zucchini casserole2

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