Monday Reads

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  1. In an effort to control the population, India has offered financial incentives for performing or undergoing sterilization. Major problem: after one doctor and his assistant performed laparoscopic tubectomies on 80 women in immediate succession, 11 have died and dozens are in critical condition.
  2. I can understand the argument for upcharging on plus sized clothing due to the increased manufacturing costs…but if that holds true for plus sized women’s clothing, the same should go for men. That’s not the case at Old Navy and people are less than happy. (On the other hand, it looks like plus sized women’s clothing benefits from extra features while the men’s do not…I can see this side, too.)
  3. In legal news, Hellman’s/Unilever is suing Just Mayo. They say it’s false advertising considering it’s vegan (no eggs) and is therefore not mayonnaise at all, despite the picture of an egg on their label.
  4. No hugging?! Life in the early 20th century was tough, but I’m glad Downton Abbey is properly representing the era.