Since Steph, Brutus, and I like to share plates on our dinner dates, Medi was the perfect spot for us.  One side of the menu is made up of small plates, but we even pulled from the side of the menu that featured heavier entrées for dishes that could be shared.

We started with the burrata that was served with prosciutto and roasted tomatoes.  Roasting the tomatoes gave them a much deeper and sweeter flavor.  It was a great adjustment to the dish.  We also ordered the braised artichokes.  I don’t always see artichokes on a menu and I’m always nervous that the chef won’t be able to shake that tin-like taste.  But the pecorino and white wine was able to erase that tang and add great flavor.  Next, we split a pastawith duck ragu (yum) and a half portion of the white truffle risotto special.  Now that the truffle craze has died down, I’m able to appreciate the ingredient again and really enjoyed the powerful, earthy taste.  Both of these dishes were perfect for sharing, so I encourage you to look beyond the app section when you’re splitting.

Medi is a nice addition to the Midtown West area that’s neither businessman central nor quick food.  This is the kind of place that caters to and reminds me that while I just work in the area, some people are making the neighborhood home.