Couscous Salad With Salmon and Mustard-Dill Dressing

There are a couple of no brainers when it comes to salmon:  dill and dijon mustard; so it’s no surprise that both of them find their way into this dish.  I made a few small changes to this recipe for warm couscous salad with salmon and mustard-dill dressing.  Instead of cooking the salmon in the pan I did it in the oven with a little olive oil.  It takes a little longer (about 25 minutes), but it will take that long for the couscous to cook anyway so there’s not much point in speeding up the protein.  And – most importantly – now my apartment doesn’t still smell like fish.  The only other change I made was to cook down the spinach with the shallots because I wanted it fully wilted.  Make sure you get those shallots nice and translucent because they’ll give a nice sweet flavor to the dish.  Usually when dijon mustard is involved the sweetness comes from honey, but shallots had the same effect, only with a bit of subtlety and some added texture.

The meal came together quickly, and I have a feeling I’ll still enjoy it on night #2 because this would be great chilled or at room temp.  The dressing is only dijon mustard and lemon juice – not even olive oil – so it’s incredibly healthy.  Can you even call that a dressing?  I don’t know…maybe that’s just called liquid flavor, but it works.

couscous salmon salad with dill and dijon dressing