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Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo

This roasted red pepper and goat cheese pasta has all the creaminess of alfredo with the extra tang of goat cheese. And then there’s the garlic and basil flavors typically found in pesto. Just for good measure (and a gorgeous color) there’s roasted red pepper in there, too. That’s about three different sauces, but it all works as one delicious one.

The sauce all comes together in one pan, as long as you have a stick blender. I wanted a little protein so I added shrimp. After puréeing the sauce I turned the heat back to medium-low and gently laid the shrimp down to simmer for about two minutes per side.

This pasta isn’t healthy. Nope. Sorry. But it’s good. Does that count? It darn well should.

roasted red pepper goat cheese alfredo

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