3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

I am not nearly as relaxed today as I was last Thursday on Thanksgiving.  Since there’s no way to top my favorite holiday of the year, I’m just going to spend today thinking about how wonderful last weekend was.

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  1. My parents keep my house at Arctic temperatures because, as my Daddy explains, “I’m always hot and your mother’s cheap.” It means I am always wearing sweats and socks with a blanket draped over me.  The blanket I’m snuggled up in here is the all-time best.  It’s actually the comforter my father took to college in the 70s, which explains its groovy look.
  2. My Grandma turned 90 (!) on 11/22/14 so we decided to celebrate by throwing her a Mexican themed fiesta.  La Parilla catered the food, Karina and Greg mixed up some sangria and margaritas, we covered the place in streamers and cheerful gerber daisies, and we even had a pinata.  Everyone had a blast and my Grandma could not have been happier, especially when she saw the scrapbook that all her grandchildren put together for her.
  3. Last year we started the tradition of a wine night the day after Thanksgiving.  It all started because Allison was pregnant but nobody knew outside of the immediate family (not even the grandmas).  She didn’t want to dodge questions of why she wasn’t drinking and wanted to speak openly about how exciting it was that there was a baby on the way.  Our solution was to have an event for just the fam so we could have fun and talk as much as we wanted about the bun in her oven.  We planned a wine night because we all joked about the snobby wine terms people use, like grassy, buttery, jammy, etc.  We planned a tasting to determine if those terms were a bunch of b.s. and had a jolly old time testing out the theory.  This year, nobody was planning the event so I took charge.  After all, if it only happens once, it’s neither annual nor a tradition, and I didn’t want this one to die.  This year the focus was on wine and cheese pairings (vs. funny wine-o terms) and was even more fun now that Allison could participate.  I may not know too much about wine, but I know cheese so this was a fun task for me.  I can’t wait for year 3!

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