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Gifting: Decoded…for your bestie

Every once in a while I give a gift and can see that the recipient is truly thrilled to have gotten it.  It’s one of the best feelings ever – like, “I won!”  It’s not always easy to buy the perfect present so I’ve assembled some themed gift guides to help you out.

This first installment of “Gifting: Decoded” is focusing on your best gal.  Let’s be real: by the time you’re 29 like I am, you and your friends pretty much stop getting/giving gifts.  I now mostly only get presents from my immediate family and boyfriend.  When it comes to friends, I find most people just bring a bottle of alcohol whenever they go over to a buddy’s place.  But the thing is, everyone LOVES getting presents.  Since friends don’t often give each other gifts, when I do get one I feel like I must be super special.  Don’t you want your friends to feel super special?  I’m not talking about fancy gifts.  I once received a cookie jar and was over the moon.  That’s why this guide is going to stress the inexpensive.  It doesn’t shouldn’t be pricey.  It just needs to be right.

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  1. Mani gift card.  This is seriously only $10, which may sound super cheap, but sometimes it’s the exact push someone needs to pamper themselves.  I, for one, never pay for a mani (I’m pretty good at doing it myself), but it’s such a nice treat when someone offers.  If you want to beef this gift up a bit, throw in a favorite polish or get the gift certificate from a salon that does nail art, like Valley Nails.
  2. A pretty bowl is always nice for trinkets.  I recommend taking it up a notch by pairing it with candy that matches your best friend’s living room decor.  This is also a nice little reminder that you spend enough time at her place that you know it right down to the color palette.
  3. A DVD of trash tv.  For her 30th birthday, I gave Steph a bottle of Veuve (expected) and season 1 of Laguna Beach on DVD.  Old reality show DVDs are pretty cheap (check eBay and Amazon for good deals) but make for a very fun gift.  Most of them feature groups of girlfriends so it’s a nice reminder of your longstanding friendship.  Also, there are few things I enjoy more than sitting on the couch with my bestie, watching mindless television.
  4. Sticking with the couch potato theme, a onesie or set of footie pajamas is a great gift because a close friend is the only one to whom you can admit you sometimes just want to sit on the couch in your comfiest (and sometimes ugliest) of clothes.  I like this one because it’s not fleece so it won’t get you too overheated and is hopefully shock/static electricity-proof.  We all have sexy lounge outfits that we parade in front of boys, claiming we’re comfortable.  But when we want to really relax, it’s usually in hideous, soft outfits.  No need to impress your best friend while you binge watch Bravo.
  5. I have a best friend for each major stage of life and I can tie each of those stages with a place, like the Atlanta airport for my best friend from college.  If there is a specific location that embodies your friendship, you can give your best friend this cuff bracelet that features the coordinates of your special city.
  6. As we girls get older we’re told we should buy “investment pieces” for our wardrobe, and I fully support this idea.  The problem is, when you’re saving up for a $400 purse that’s built to last, you stop buying the fun bags.  Nobody wants to wear a tote to the club on girls night – you want a cute lil something when you go out dancing!  Since you’re the one who’s going to tear up the town with your best friend, who better than you to buy her a small, fun clutch?

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