Food for Thought / Monday Reads

Monday Reads

Processed with Moldiv

  1. In the US, circumcision is pretty much the norm, but that’s not the case everywhere. The CDC is saying it probably should be, since it could reduce the risk of HIV and STIs.
  2. What’s your take on Chris Rock’s idea of the “Mexican Problem” in Hollywood?
  3. A study of the way dogs tilt their heads in response to commands showed their brains were processing these sounds in different ways…much like their human owners.
  4. Between the Columbia student walking around with a mattress to protest sexual assault to the Rolling Stone’s publication and quasi-retraction of a UVA gang rape account, there has been much in the news lately about rape and the reactions of school administrators. Of course it’s terrible to mistakenly report on something so grave, but isn’t it also good that people are starting to realize rape is more common than once believed? And that victims feel empowered enough to share their stories rather than feeling like they did something wrong?

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