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Turkey Pesto Pinwheels

When it comes to potluck dishes, it’s tough to find something that’s easy but still hearty.  If you want to bring something more substantial, that usually means a casserole.  While that’s not necessarily difficult, it can be annoying to transport if you’re not going home after work and will need to be heated up when you get there.  Simple cold dishes may solve those problems but are usually lighter fare.  The perfect solution are pinwheel sandwiches.

Pinwheels are tortilla rollups, usually filled with deli meat and cheese.  The most common are ham and American cheese with mayo, or basic turkey with shredded lettuce.  Those are crowd pleasers but so BORING.  I’ve seen them on every pre-made grocery store deli counter platter since the dawn of time.  I’m sure the cavemen picked up a tray of these from Publix when running late to one of their wheel inventing parties.  A version with pesto is just slightly updated, but is a welcome change.  Those cavemen won’t know what hit ’em with this one!

turkey pesto pinwheels

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