3 on Thursday

Like last week, this week has been incredibly busy.  I decided to cancel my event on Tuesday so I could have some time de-stress and run some much-needed errands.  Sure, I missed a movie screening, but the time playing catch-up was exactly what I needed.  Plus, I am FULLY in the Holiday spirit now.  The music is playing, the candles are burning, and it’s all very holly jolly chez Konter.

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  1. Matt and Jen spent the entire Saturday of their visit going on a food and drink tour of Manhattan.  They hit up some of their old favorites as well as some new ones on their list.  We met up with them for some hot cider in the Bowery Hotel lobby.  I’ve never actually been inside the Bowery Hotel, but I absolutely loved how warm it felt.  The decor is rich but worn (read: the carpet is [intentionally] a bit faded) and feels like it belongs to the well-traveled.  It is like an English country home with some Moroccan influences.
  2. I received the cutest earrings from Liz for Christmukkah!  They are green (my favorite color, so I’m surprised I didn’t already own green earrings) and add some nice glam to my outfit while being small enough to wear to work.
  3. Don’t forget to give youself a gift this holiday season.  I treated myself to a new Kate Spade crossbody in green and it is proving to be the perfect size and shape for everyday wear.