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I was pretty much devastated when Carl’s Steaks decided to close their brick and mortar location and go food truck only (plus Yankee stadium outposts).  Not only was Carl’s right around the corner from my apartment, I am quite confident they made the best cheesesteaks around.  And yes, I’ve been to Philly.  Carl’s was just as good…maybe better.

With Carl’s gone, I just stopped eating cheesesteaks.  If I couldn’t get the best, I didn’t want it at all.  By last night, however, my cravings got the best of me and I ordered from Shorty’s, which claims to be authentic.  The bread was good – soft with a little chew to it – and that’s because they ship it in from Philly.  The meat was sliced nice and thin and there was a generous helping of whiz.  It wasn’t Carl’s (they say you never forget your first love), but it was pretty serious.  I have lifted the veil of cheesesteak mourning.


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