Monday Reads

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  1. I get it; people are angry that no charges were brought against the officers involved in the deaths of Michael Brown or Eric Garner, but it is no excuse to [in a pre-meditated fashion] kill two police officers for no reason other than the fact that they wore the uniform. It is a sad day for New York.
  2. Taking a look forward to 2015 (and beyond), here’s how technology is about to revolutionize the manufacturing, finance, healthcare, energy, and communications industries.
  3. Single motherhood is far more common nowadays, so much so that demographers are thinking half of all children will live with a single mom at some point before the age of 18. Studies suggest this is bad for the kids…so what’s the next step?
  4. With more and more friends having kids while I’m still wild and free, I am familiar with the pump and dump strategy: I convince a nursing friend to come out with me and she then has to pump her breast milk and throw it away so she doesn’t give her baby boozy milk. I’m a Nervous Nelly so I don’t know if I would risk it, but it looks like this pump and dump thing may not be necessary.