Inspiration Station: Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

The Dish:

There’s a scene in “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” where Rose tells Sue Ellen to relax after a rough day by having a glass of wine and putting some cucumber slices on her eyes.  When Sue Ellen responds that she’s all out of cucumbers, Rose says, “every girl over twenty-five should have a cucumber in the house.”  I didn’t get this joke when I first saw the movie (scandalous!), but I have to agree with Rose…just not necessarily for the same reason.  What you do in your personal time is your business, but cucumbers are a refrigerator staple for me.  I prefer them to chips for hummus and they’re great for throwing together last-minute party apps.

seared tuna bites1

seared tuna bites2

One such go-to appetizer for me are these seared tuna bites.  Prep some sushi-grade tuna either with some sort of peppery seasoning mix or with a quick soy-sauce marinade and grill it (outside or on a grill pan) for 1-2 minutes per side so it’s still nice and rare.  Slice it up, place it on cucumber rounds, and top with a dollop (or drizzle – whatever you think is prettier) of sriracha mayo.  For the sriracha mayo, just mix sriracha with mayo…I’m hoping that explanation was unnecessary.  Guests love being able to easily pop them into their mouths and it only takes about 5 minutes for you to prep.  You’ll be right on top of that, Rose!  Hopefully you got that movie reference.  If not, I rescind our friendship.

The Doodads:

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  1. Sue Ellen loves to wear some ginormous, super 80s earrings.  Big baubles are back in style, only this time it’s more about crystals than plastic.  Bauble Bar has such a great selection in every color scheme imaginable.
  2. The Crandell siblings dip their hands a little too far into the petty cash box, but I think it’s always good to keep a little secret stash of mad money lying around.  This Hugo Guinness for J. Crew “me me me” ceramic box is perfect for your own personal petty cash.
  3. If you’re interested in fashion like Sue Ellen, you should head to The Met’s Costume Institute so you can see seven centuries of fashion up close.
  4. Before the Crandell kids get it together and learn how to fend for themselves without adults, Sue Ellen serves them all cereal in one giant bowl with a bunch of spoons.  This individual sized cereal bowl from Fish’s Eddy’s Intervention-Ware collection is more realistic.  All the pieces include phrases like “big mistake” and “do you really need that second helping” so those Crandells get the guilt trip they deserve.