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Book Review: Yes Please

My very observant boyfriend noticed how disappointed I was when Amy Poehler’s new book was stolen from me during a white elephant gift exchange.  He must have told Santa because just a couple weeks later, I received the very book for our own Chrismukkah gift swap.  The holidays may be over, but if somebody is in need of a gift (birthday? housewarming? thanks for being a good friend?) this is a pretty good one.  I read the whole thing in about two or three days during my family’s annual ski trip.  I couldn’t get enough of Poehler’s cheeky retrospective on life.  Anybody who has ever watched her perform on SNL can tell you she’s funny.  Humor comes naturally to her, but that doesn’t mean fame did.  In this collection of essays she recounts the hard work that went into achieving A-list status.  She knows what works for her and, also, which bits go just a little too far.  It got me thinking about where my own groove is.

This book reveals enough without selling out.  Poehler admits she used drugs and also recognizes when that wasn’t a choice she would recommend.  She acknowledges her divorce but refuses to divulge details.  So if you’re looking for a tell-all with juicy deets about celebs, you won’t find it here.  You will get a realistic [I hope] portrayal of what it’s like to have a big name.  Nannies are involved, as is apologizing to other celebrities with your tail between your legs.  I was happy to see I don’t need to be famous to pick up on the important life lessons here.


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