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Baker & Co.

I am so lucky to have the time between Xmas and New Years off of work.  Go out drinking on a Monday?  Sure!  Albert and I were meeting crew at Bleeker Street Bar at 3 PM for drinks and darts, which gave us plenty of time to head to the West Village side of Bleeker for lunch and a trip to bookbook, one of my favorite book stores.  Since I spent way too much money on books (who needs to buy eight books at one time?), I’d rather just talk about the new restaurant we found.

The plan was to go to my cheese mecca, Murray’s, but we arrived to find out the restaurant portion is closed on Mondays.  Thankfully, that strip of Bleeker is just restaurant after restaurant.  Perhaps I had always been blinded by cheese, but I never noticed Baker & Co. before, and it’s been around since April.  We saw a sign hanging outside that said “wine and beer” and we were like “yup.”  Once inside it was all countryside chic with exposed brick, chicken wire on the cabinets, and authentic Italian appliances, the design of which hasn’t changed in decades.  I find comfort in that.  I was very happy with my glass of house white and though the list was short, Albert seemed very happy with the beer options.  We decided to split the burrata/prosciutto app and a pizzeta.  The food was simple but fresh, which is really all you can ask for.  But if I could, I’d ask for just one more thing and that would be a charming and romantic outdoor space.  And they’ve got that, too?  Well, hot dog.




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