Monday Reads

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  1. Bruges, Belgium is a big spot for tourists. It’s also a big spot for beer. The problem is the beer trucks take up a lot of space and make a lot of noise on those streets where the tourists walk. Solution: a brewery is installing a pipeline underground to take beer from the bottling plant to the city’s streets.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg takes the “go big or go home” approach when making his New Year’s Resolution. This year’s goal is to set up a worldwide book club. People are already going nuts and his first chosen book is selling out. I’m just happy it’s getting more people to read.
  3. In a historic election, India has elected its first transgender mayor.
  4. In the protests following Trayvon Martin’s death, people wore hoodies to show their solidarity with the Martin family since that’s what Martin was wearing when he was shot. A bill has now been introduced in Oklahoma City that would [in some cases] ban hoodies that are worn with the hood up. People are up in arms about what this means for their personal freedoms.