Snow cream is a thing.  Think of it like froyo but with the fluffier texture of snow.  It’s amazing.  At Snowdays in the East Village, you get to eat this sweetened snow without having to get it from the dirty New York City streets.

I learned about Snowdays via Lucky Magazine editor Eva Chen’s instagram.  She seemed to be obsessed with the place, making weekly trips to satisfy her snow cream cravings.  When I saw pictures of fun toppings like condensed milk, waffle cones, and pocky sticks, I got the impression that Snowdays was taking frozen treats to the next level.

I went with the regular size and found it was more than enough to be shared by two people.  The yeti size is ridiculously massive.  I ordered the sweet milk flavor of snow cream and topped it with salted caramel sauce, mochi, captain crunch, and chocolate pocky.  It was amazing and not too filling.  I finally get Eva Chen’s addiction and can’t wait to go back.