3 on Thursday

Wow.  It’s been hard to come back to work after such a long and restful break.  I’m very happy the week is almost over and already counting down to the next day off in a week and a half.

This week’s “3 on Thursday” is going to be a little different because a) it’s going to feature 4 pictures and b) they’re all going to be of the same thing.  That “thing” is the Bergdorf holiday window display.  New York City department stores go crazy decorating their windows for the holidays.  They are over the top spectacles and I believe no one does it better than Bergdorf’s.  I’ve missed the last few years but made a point to check them out at the tail end of the exhibition when Albert’s parents came to the city for a touristy day.  This year’s theme was The Arts and each window featured a different facet of the art world.  Four of my faves are featured here:

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  1. Literature
  2. Architecture (my favorite)
  3. Painting
  4. Music