3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

It’s been so cold in New York so I am extremely excited to head to the warmer temps of Vegas tomorrow.  There are plenty of things I’m excited for, but one of them is the opportunity for a lot of quality time with my brother.  We don’t always get 1-on-1 time anymore so I can’t wait to hit the craps tables with him.

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  1. I started the new year off right by pouring over fun cookbooks in my slippers.
  2. Someone sent a bunch of Good Karmals to work so I stole a nice big handful.  I had never heard of the brand before but loved them.  The caramels are smooth and not gritty and come in great flavors like sea salt (my fave), chocolate sea salt, and butter rum.  I’m a sucker for good sea salt caramels, but I particularly liked these, which have inspirational quotes on the wrappers.
  3. I am not a dieter.  In fact, I’ve never actually dieted because I have zero will power and love food too much.  But then I bought a pair of high waisted pants that I knew would look best with a crop top.  Ughhhh the dreaded crop top.  Why did this have to come back in fashion?!  I still didn’t diet, but for a week I ate just a bit healthier than normal and added some crunches to my routine.  It paid off and I rocked that midriff bearing shirt to Yacht Rock on Saturday night.

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