Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Cremini and Poached Egg

I’m always nervous when I come up with my own recipe – a THK Original, I call it.  I’m worried the ingredient combinations and cooking methods I’ve concocted in my head won’t actually work.  That’s why, when a dish comes out just as I planned, I am elated.  This was one such case, and I got the added bonus of unintentionally creating a dish that comes together in less than 7 minutes.  Seriously, I timed it.  You could do a whole ab workout in that time.

Just sauté some shredded Brussels sprouts and cremini mushrooms (start the cremini a little before the sprouts) with olive oil, garlic, lemon zest, salt, pepper, and some cayenne.  When they’ve warmed through and are crunchy but no longer tough to chew, serve up the veggie mixture with some grated parmesan and poached eggs.

This works well as a luxurious brunch dish but also makes a great vegetarian supper.  It’s really good with some crusty, grilled/toasted bread.  The flavors are super savory so it won’t really feel like you’re doing a breakfast-for-dinner thing.  It’s just dinner.  A dang good one.

brussels sprouts, cremini, parm, and poached egg