Inspiration Station: The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The Dish:

The scene in the beginning – where Andy painfully recounts his “crazy” weekend spent making an egg salad sandwich with all the “accoutrements” – kills me.  I think it sets the tone for the whole film.  You know this movie is going to make you laugh and push you into that awkward zone.

Like Andy, I was really craving an egg salad sandwich this weekend.  I’m picky about my egg salad and pretty much only eat it if I prepare it myself.  So when I get a hankering, I can’t just go to the store and pick it up.  I wanted to do something different, something beyond the three-ingredient [egg, mayo, bread] sandwich.  I started by making it open faced and toasting the bread.  Gotta go with rye since it’s nice and sturdy without being thick and heavy.  The next change was to separate the eggs and mayo.  Instead of chopping up the hard boiled eggs and mixing them with the mayonnaise into something gloppy, I left the eggs plain and sliced.  They’re very pretty that way, I must say.  You can’t leave the mayo out since it acts like a glue for the other ingredients.  You can’t have eggs sliding around all over the place, after all.  Also, the sandwich would be too dry without it.  I folded dill into the mayo because Fairway puts dill their egg salad (just about the only other egg salad I trust) and it was a revelation.  One more update to this sandwich: between the dill mayo and sliced eggs, I layered sliced cucumber.  Sea salt and pepper is sprinkled over the whole thing to make a great Sunday brunch item.

egg sandwich

The Doodads:

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  1. Elizabeth Banks’ character has a sexy lil moment in the bathtub.  I suppose there are multiple uses for a shower head, but I personally think installing a nice one is a cheap and easy renovation to your bathroom.  This one isn’t detachable so Beth may not find it useful, but I think it could make a tiny bathroom way more luxurious.
  2. In every teenager’s worst nightmare, Andy takes Trish’s daughter to a sex ed class where they use a plastic model to describe anatomy.  I was reminded of an Amy Sedaris appearance on Chelsea Lately where she showed off a fluffy, felt vagina and thought it was a much better way to learn.  Sedaris has also lent her talents to these Puberty Pals videos.
  3. I loved the idea of a “wig out” bachelorette party.  We recently did one through work and it was a blast.  I highly recommend it for your next girls night out.
  4. Andy goes through a horrible chest waxing experience.  I, personally, have always had a fine experience at Uni K and highly recommend it.  It’s clean, very reasonably priced, and has a nice and efficient staff.