Food for Thought / Monday Reads

Monday Reads

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  1. We all have some grammar “rules” stuck in our brain. Here are a few that can be de-bunked…in certain circumstances.
  2. Mitochondrial disease can cause all sorts of difficulties if passed on to children. But did you know there is such a thing as mitochondrial DNA transfer, which would allow would-be mothers with unhealthy DNA to use material from a second woman? Learn about it here.
  3. In a historical move, a joint session of congress has been scheduled for March 3rd without first alerting the Executive Branch (aka: Obama). In this meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to criticize the White House’s negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program. A slew of Democrats are boycotting. My father, however, will be in attendance. (!)
  4. All those folks who regret their tattoo choices regret them even more when they realize how painful and expensive the removal process is. That’s why this tattoo removal cream (if it’s real) could be a major breakthrough.

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