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Roasted Rosemary Grape and Goat Cheese Crostini

I’ve never roasted grapes, nor did I think it was really even possible.  The grapes get soft and wrinkly, and while I don’t look forward to that happening to my skin, it was a nice change of pace for the fruit.  Usually when fruit is cooked down like this, the sweetness is amplified, but roasting them with rosemary keeps the grapes from getting too jammy sweet.  Once roasted, the grapes, along with some honey goat cheese, become a perfect topping for crostini.  I followed this recipe and found it simple to prepare before a party.  People seemed wary of this dish – grapes are not the norm in crostini-land – but once they tried one, they immediately went back for another.   It may have been the last dish on the buffet to see any love, but by the end of a recent party, every crostini was gone.

roasted rosemary grape and goat cheese crostini

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