30 Before 30: #23 – Organize My Closets Like a Big Girl

Some of my 30 Before 30 items have taken longer to cross off the list because I haven’t had the opportunity.  But then there are items like this one, which haven’t happened simply because I’ve procrastinated.  Organize my closets?  Boringggggg.  You may ask why I put something like this on the list in the first place.  I felt this was an important thing to do because 30 signals an age of maturity.  I feel like mature people are the ones with perfectly organized homes and, specifically, closets.  I love seeing things perfectly organized.  It makes me so happy having everything set in its rightful place, and I’m a big fan of symmetry.

My apartment as a whole is very neat and organized, but my closets had gotten out of control.  You know how in cartoons, the Mom tells the kid to clean up so the kid just throws everything into the closet and when the Mom comes to inspect the seemingly spotless room she opens the closet door and tons of stuff topples out?  That’s what my closets had turned into.  They were vomiting clothes and vacuums cleaners and purses.  Though change needed to happen, I didn’t bother to do anything about it because none of my visitors could see my secret mess.

And then something big happened.  Albert and I decided to move in together.  EEK!  Freak-out about that whole life-changing step aside, it meant I needed to fix the closet situation immediately.

We spent two days at The Container Store and now my closets have been completely transformed.  It is incredible how much you can store when you’re creative and organized.  I put my bed on risers and added drawers underneath.  More drawers went on the floor of my closet and on the shelves, and those hangers that hold multiple pairs of pants/skirts/belts are big space savers.  Before, my closets couldn’t hold all of my own clothes but by organizing them, I was able to add another person’s entire wardrobe (and set of golf clubs!) without getting rid of any of my clothes.

This was by no means a fun process, but the resulting calm of an organized space puts me at peace.  It is the kind of thing you will never get done on your own, not because it’s too much work but because it’s too hard to get motivated.  I recommend doing what I did and bribe someone.  I promised Albert pizza and beer and we accomplished the overwhelming task in no time.

Date of Completion: 2/20/15

This is mid-process when things are still a bit disorganized; but those clear bins, especially the drawer-style ones, are amazing. A place for everything and everything in its place.