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Langoustine Stuffed Avocado

Langoustine is basically baby lobster.  Baby lobster comes at baby prices so STOCK UP!  A bag of langostino tails at Trader Joe’s costs about $9 and just need to be defrosted.  So easy for something so fancy.  I could throw lobster in just about anything, but for my first recipe, I wanted to pile it high inside an avocado.

Mix the langostino tails with Greek yogurt and mayo.  I didn’t measure out anything for this recipe so dress it to your liking, but I prefer the yogurt/mayo ratio to swing in the yogurt’s favor.  To the mix I added chives, blue cheese, and a little salt.

This is a great replacement for a salad course.  Not just because it looks pretty, but because the only people who will deny lobster and avocado are the ones with a shellfish allergy.  Those poor souls.

langoustine stuffed avocado

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