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Book Review: The Selection Trilogy

Since these novels are true YA (that’s the Young Adult genre), I read all three in 3.5 days.  I mean, I’m an almost-30-year-old reading stories meant for teens.  Whatever, it’s still juicy fun.  This is yet another series in the growing dystopian romance/female empowerment sub-category.  It was described to me as Hunger Games meets The Bachelor.  Since I loved The Hunger Games and love to hate The Bachelor, I succumbed.

After another World War, the United States is now known as Illéa and all residents are divided into eight castes.  America Singer is a Five, which is rather down there in terms of socioeconomics, but her life changes when The Selection is announced.  When the country’s prince comes of age, he is married off via The Selection where all eligible girls apply to win his heart.  35 girls are chosen to move to the palace where they are whittled down by the prince until one is eventually his bride.

Since it’s YA, there is the inevitable back-stabbing and love triangle so it’s a fun read.  I wish there had been more character development and certainly more conflict.  The conflict that exists is never given much background or made as complex/interesting as it could be.  That means there are three books with the main character asking herself the same “do I love him?” question with the ensuing self-conversation going virtually the same way every time.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

the selection

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