Monday Reads

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  1. I’d heard wild salmon is better than farm raised, but the price of the farmed stuff has been too tough to resist. Now that I better understand, I may be changing up my fishy habits.
  2. It’s hard to imagine because it’s been raining a good bit on the east coast, but Cali is in major drought mode. This graphic shows how this will affect your dinner plate. Yes, YOURS. California’s agriculture depends on water (duh) and the rest of the world depends on California’s agriculture.
  3. Al Qaeda and ISIS are just the tip of the iceberg. This handy guide will help you understand all the terrorist groups out there. There are 11. That’s 11 too many.
  4. I’ve got a nice little coffee addiction and I’m guessing a lot of y’all do too. Since I can hardly function without my morning cup of java, it good to know a little about it.