Warehouse Grille

The morning after a wedding you want greasy food and you want it immediately.  We didn’t have to walk far from our hotel to find Warehouse Grille, which satisfied our need for food and also our need for a little hair of the dog thanks to their $10 bottomless brunch deal.

The menu at Warehouse has all the staples: burgers, eggs, and benedicts.  But since it’s the South they’ve also got shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles on the menu.  I couldn’t pass up the chicken and waffles.  The chicken could have used a little salt, but other than that I had no complaints.  They were generous with the mimosas and since they were bottomless AND there’s no open container law in Nola, we got to take a “free” one to go.  I love when brunch comes with souvenirs.