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A coquette is a coy flirt, which is just how Bridge, Liz, and I wanted to feel on our last night in New Orleans.  With the boyfriends/husbands at home, we wanted to flirt with the town…but it’s a mature flirt – more Magazine Street than Bourbon Street.  Bridget’s local foodie friend recommended the farm to table restaurant, Coquette, and it was perfect.

We started with the tuna crudo, which featured pecans and citrus.  It was like eating a fishy steak.  Does that sound weird?  Perhaps, but it was GREAT.  We each said that we would go back and order two servings as an entrée.  We also ordered the fried oysters with beets and horseradish cream.  I could not have been happier that Liz doesn’t eat oysters becasue that meant more for me and Bridge.  Mwahaha!  The oysters themselves were huge and the sweet garnish was a new combo for me but worked with salty fried oysters.  For my entrée I ordered the lamb agnolotti in a spring onion broth with squash and fava beans.  The dumplings were much larger than expected – more like Japanese gyoza than agnolotti – but that was a good thing because it meant there was a ton of lamb on the inside.  The broth and vegetables are very spring-like, making this the first time I’ve had a lamb dish where there was no mistaking it was lamb (there was no skimping on the filling) but it wasn’t overly heavy.  I’ve got to compliment the chef on making that work.

Located in the Garden District, Coquette offers the old New Orleans atmosphere with a more modern take on the food.  If we were ballers we probably would have done the five-course blind tasting with wine pairing.  Actually, we would have done that even without being ballers since the cost (including wine) was only $100.  The only thing stopping me was our 4 AM wake up call.

coquette1 coquette2 coquette3 coquette4

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