Thoughts On…Best Friends (My Response)

Ever feel like you need to get something off your chest?  Sometimes I’ve just gotta talk it out.  That’s why I’ve decided to do a monthly feature called “Thoughts On…”  At the beginning of the month, I’ll provide a prompt to stimulate discussion.  The point is to get us to put our thoughts out there – writing it all down can be quite cathartic.  If you want to keep your writing private, that’s your thing and I won’t question it.  If you’re ready to put it all out there, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments.  At the end of the month I’ll provide my own thoughts on the topic of the month.  Think of it as a book club for writing.

Earlier this month I got to thinking about punctuality

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About two months ago work got really bad.  My team was finding mistake after mistake in the work we oversaw and it was causing us to stay very late.  We’re talking 1:15 AM late.  I felt like I was falling down a hole that was way too deep to climb out of.  I was losing control and overwhelmed.  I had what I believe was a panic attack where I couldn’t catch my breath or stand up on my own.  It was scary.  While all this was going down at work, two people happened to text me and I gave them a much abbreviated version of what was happening with me.  The next day they each sent me the most heartwarming gifts as a pick-me-up.  And it really did pick me up.  I had this moment when I realized if all else fails, I am surrounded by wonderful people.  I had a single thought: Dang, I have picked the perfect best friends.

I say “pick” because letting someone into your life like that is a choice.  It is hard for me to share my personal thoughts/fears/hopes/loves so I choose to do so with very few people.  And I chose right.  My best friends “get” me.  I may complain about things on an average day, but they understood that this day was different.  It’s more than just sharing the same hobbies or taste in movies.  It’s having the same sense of humor.  It is the person who can pick out an outfit or engagement ring for their friend and is able to choose the one they know their friend would love, not just selecting the one they would wear themselves.  It is knowing exactly what the other person needs based on any mood.

My mother and my boyfriend are two VERY important people in my life.  I share special and unique bonds with each of them.  But neither of them is my best friend.  I could not live without them, but they do not serve the purpose of a best friend.  For that, I call in a few other folks.  I have heard you can’t have more than one best friend since best implies above all others, but I disagree.  Each of my four best friends comes from a certain stage in my life.  I couldn’t possibly choose just one.

There are no rules when it comes to a best friend.  One of my bests is Matt.  He’s my first cousin and of the opposite sex, but it works for us.