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Reichenbach Hall

I’m a fan of beer halls and their long tables, huge beers, and lederhosen.  You pretty much know what you’re gonna get and there’s some comfort in that.  I will say, however, that Reichenbach Hall does it just a bit better because they have more options.  The additional choices don’t make it any less German…there’s just more German to pick from.  More sausage, more schnitzl, more spatzle…more clogged arteries.

In choosing from the list of beers (none of which I could pronounce), I told the waitress I like light, Blue Moon type beers.  She directed me to one that started with Frank…(I think) and had a yummy banana bread aftertaste.  For food, we ordered a huge sausage platter (it was the best of the wurst – ba dum chhhh) and a pretzel.  Then after ordering the pretzel, we learned there was a secret menu pretzel that was humongous (see the hand included the pic for scale) so we had to order that, too.  It was soft, warm, and particularly delicious if ordered with the beer cheese – do NOT forget to get the beer cheese.  Everything was great, but I am seriously surprised I didn’t have a heart attack in the middle of the night after eating and drinking all that.  Or the urge to do the polka.

reichenbach hall2

reichenbach hall1

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