Ambrose Beer and Lobster

Last week the weather really began to turn into something nice so when me and a group of coworkers had Wednesday night drink plans, we made sure to pick someplace outside.  We may have jumped the gun a bit because after about 45 minutes, the cool breezes from the South Street Seaport started to get to us and we had to move inside.  But once I had a taste of summer, I was full on THERE.  A slight chill in the air could no longer deter my craving for lobster rolls and what I call porch sippers.

The people behind Ambrose Beer and Lobster are the same ones who brought us Beekman Beer Garden, so it’s safe to say they really understand the summer vibe.  It’s not officially open til next week, but it’s up and running now so head do those cute cobblestone Seaport streets and get your fill.

Beer may be in their name, but the menu includes wines and a great cocktail list.  The extremely refreshing Jacobs Ladder is made with Absolut Citron, watermelon juice, and iced tea.  I had two before switching to rosé.  As far as food goes, there are quite a few lobster optiopns on the menu.  I’m always in the mood for a lobster roll but decided to switch it up with the lobster avocado lettuce wraps.  What is it about lobster that makes you able to eat 10,000 sandwiches?  Gahhhh.  If only it was cheaper.  I could eat that all day errday.  Instead of ordering more lobster, however, I held myself back so I could leave room for the parmesan truffle fries.  Not a terrible decision.