Monday Reads

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv
  1. I have this weird thing where I only allow myself to wear jeans on Fridays, even though I work in a casual office. Turns out, I may be onto something. People who dress up feel more powerful – a trait that’s beneficial in the workplace.
  2. Last weekend, I received a text from my boyfriend telling me he made the bed while I was out of town, like he deserved a parade for doing this simple chore I do every day. While, overall, my boyfriend is very helpful, a study shows that men truly do less housework than women.
  3. Are you an Over-Apologizer, an Under-Apologizer, or a Can’t-Get-It-Right-Apologizer? And how does it affect your relationships?
  4. Gender identity is a hot topic right now, which is probably why Amazon is removing gender from it’s taxonomy of toys and games. Who’s to say that Barbie is a “girls’ toy?”