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Pimento Cheese Stuffed Peppers with Bacon

Like any good Lowcountry gal, I love my pimento cheese, particularly on a sandwich made with white bread.  Sigh.  That takes me back.  But last week when I made a batch, I wanted to try something a little different.  In a very simple recipe that is perfectly adorable for snacking, I stuffed halved mini bell peppers with pimento cheese.  No I will not give you my pimento cheese recipe.  Stop asking.

Have you ever seen these guys in the grocery store?  They come bagged, not loose, and they’re the cutest lil baby peppers you ever did see.  After stuffing my peppers, I topped them with some crispy bacon bits because why the heck not?!

Side note: I know people always say smell is linked to taste, but I never really realized just how much until I was making this recipe.  My allergies are out. of. control. right now and my nose was completely stuffed up while I was making and tasting my pimento cheese so I ended up making it way spicier than normal.  In the end, it was a good thing because the peppers were really sweet so the heat offered a good balance.

pimento stuffed peppers1

pimento stuffed peppers2

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