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30 Before 30: #18 – Take a One-off Art Class

New York has a class for absolutely everything, something I learned when I discovered Coursehorse, a class aggregator.  They house over 40,000 classes on their website so you can enrich yourself in the matter of any topic under the sun.  As you book, you earn points that turn into discounts on future classes.  Just browsing the website will let you know about interests you didn’t even realize you had.

The extent of my artwork has pretty much been this book I made for Brooks as part of this same “30 Before 30” project.  I have never considered myself an artist, but I had this image in my mind of people taking art classes.  It seemed like such a New York thing to do, taking a class to show how independent you can be in a city like New York where there are so many options for things to do.  I think I’ve just seen too many movies.

Since I’m not a serious artist, I didn’t want to take a serious class so I opted for one at Paint Along, which picks a painting and teaches the whole class how to re-create it, step by step.  It’s also BYOB so even if your painting is awful, you’ll enjoy yourself.  Though I brought wine, I ended up painting sober because the subject looked a bit more difficult and I wanted my full focus.  Also, that particular night, we had a very small class (only three students) so it wasn’t giving off a rowdy vibe.  That said, I know people who have done this with groups of friends as an alternative bachelorette or girls night, or even as a corporate event, and they get after it.  It’s what you make of it.

Our instructor was a soft spoken woman who took a lot of interest in our work so it didn’t feel impersonal.  She took us through the process and offered tips, but also gave us room to be creative.  I, for instance, had the woman in my painting facing a slightly different direction and chose a different color palate than the example piece.

This class turned out to be a great release during a busy work week.  After so much time staring at spreadsheets, it was nice to do something so opposite.  It was also great to walk away with something to adorn my walls.  This class was more than just an experience – we all got to walk away with a legit piece of art.

painting1 painting2 painting3 painting4

Date of Completion: 5/28/15

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