The one LA trend I did not want to give into was the health craze.  Everything there is organic, free range, GMO free, pilates.  B.S., I say.  But after a workout on Sunday morning I needed to stop somewhere before passing out and Kreation was the closest place I could walk into.  It was pretty much everything I scoff at since they casually throw around the word “cleanse.”

Cold pressed juices are the biggest craze right now – so much so that they’ve made their way to hardened, cynical New York.  I don’t see what the big deal is, but I knew I needed some sustenance after a workout combined with a hangover.  I ended up not getting food because Albert called about meeting for lunch elsewhere just as I was placing my order.  It looked good and vaguely Mediterranean inspired and I was a bit jealous of my neighbors’ additive-free grub.  I did, however, get one of those juices and as skeptical as I may have been, found that it was just the detox I needed.  My apple/strawberry/pear juice wasn’t one of the serious ones with cayenne or kale, but it was delicious.  I guess I’ll have to admit that LA’s healthy attitude isn’t all bad. kreation