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Sticky’s Finger Joint

My Mom and Allison didn’t arrive in the neighborhood from the airport until about 10 PM so we decided to stick nearby when getting a bite to eat.  For no particular reason, Albert has never wanted to try Sticky’s Finger Joint, despite all the amazing pics I’ve seen on FoodBaby’s instagram, so I took the opportunity while he was out with friends to check it out.

Their signature flavors can mostly be described as wacky (think: salted caramel pretzel) and come dripping with sauces and toppings.  We wanted to try a few different sauces so we ordered a box of the poppers (aka: nuggets).  One box costs less than $13 and comes with a ton of large poppers.  They were generous with the sauces and let us order several, even sampling a few before deciding.  We got the french onion, the wasabi aioli, and the buffalo balsamic.  We also tried the signature Sticky’s sauce.  The only one I didn’t care for was the buffalo balsamic, the others were all great.  Even my Mom, who freaks out when wasabi touches her california roll, proclaimed the wasabi aioli unique and her favorite.  We also got an order of the parmesan truffle fries, which, as I’m sure you could guess, were very tasty.

After hearing all of our praises, I think Albert can be convinced to give Sticky’s a shot.  He better because I’ve already made plans to bring it home for supper one night this week.


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