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PSA: Di Palo’s Fine Foods

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

The Little Italy neighborhood of Manhattan is not my first choice for legit Italian.  I would rather go to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx for quality markets or Piccolo Angolo in the West Village for red sauce food.  My one exception is Di Palo’s, just on the edge of Little Italy.  It is the best spot in the city for Italian meats, cheeses, and pasta.  You must get some of their homemade mozzarella when you’re there – that shouldn’t even be a question.  Albert and I ordered a bit more than that…

In addition to the mozz, we got prosciutto and two types of soppressata.  We also got some grana padana and tallegio.  Then we got a loaf of bread.  And some olives.  And some of their homemade ravioli.  We might have gone a bit overboard, but all of that only came to $46 and we certainly have leftovers after enjoying the Sunday night feast we put together.  I highly recommend the ravioli.  We went with the broccoli rabe variety and you could truely taste the broccoli rabe.  The ravioli themselves are large so the box of 12 will be a full meal for two (and only $8.99!)

Di Palo’s will remind you that there are still old school, family owned businesses on the island of Manhattan. Some things, I hope, never change.


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