3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

No work tomorrow!  The weather is not supposed to be ideal, but I’m still looking forward to celebrating the 4th of July.

3 on thurs1

Last Thursday I went on an impromptu bar crawl in Hoboken to celebrate a friend moving into the area.  It wasn’t an actual bar crawl; our group of six just happened to go to enough bars that it sort of turned into one.  The night ended with dancing at Little Town Social (if you can call what was happening in the pic above dancing), where we were the only ones on the dance floor.  Friday was fun.  And by fun I mean hangover central.  

3 on thurs2

I finally got to try a ramen burger!  There is now a mini Smorgasburg at Southstreet Seaport with about seven vendors.  It was a nice view and made for a fun dinner date when I was not in the mood to go out thanks to my Thursday night escapades (above).

3 on thurs3

On Monday I went to Ingrid Michaelson’s Summerstage concert in Central Park.  It wasn’t overly crowded so it was a relaxing experience and the weather was perfect.  It was so nice to just sit outside and listen to good music.

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