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I never thought I would find octopus in a fast casual restaurant. If I knew this was a possibility, I would have stopped by Eons sooner. Instead, I kept ordering from GRK. It was a little further away, but I knew what I was getting and I knew I liked it. I’m still a fan, but I Eons takes their assembly line model for Mediterranean food to the next level.

The first step is the same: choose wrap, rice (white or brown), or salad. But then Eons has more options for the proteins, sides, sauces, and toppings. I ordered a brown rice bowl with steak and got chickpeas and beets on the side with feta spread tzaziki, and cucumbers. I kept my beets separate because I like to keep em sweet, but after I ate those up I mixed everything together until it was my big fat Greek rice bowl. Everything was fresh, perfectly seasoned, and tasted so darn good that I ate the whole thing before I realized what happened. And not for nothing, everyone was super nice, including the owner working the register. As he rung me up he asked “First time?” When I responded yes he said “Well I hope you live close by and can visit us often!”  I will, Mr. Owner, sir. I certainly will.

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