3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

I arrived in Savannah yesterday so I’m a happy girl.  Work is crazy so it has been stressful getting everything done in order to leave on vacation, but I can see the marsh from my bedroom window so I can’t really complain.  I can’t wait for the manfriend to arrive tomorrow so I can take him around our Hilton Head neighborhood.

3 on thurs1

I spent the 5th of July at Central Park with friends, right by one of my all-time favorite areas, the sailboat pond (which is just near my other all-time fave, the Alice in Wonderland statue).  It was a great way to unwind after the craziness that was the 4th.

3 on thurs2

I knew I had to devote a good portion of Saturday to doing work and we had plans to go out big for Yacht Rock on Saturday night so I wanted to have a low key Friday.  Albert and I decided to take part in a favorite tradition: after going to a local spot for happy hour, we picked up some of the best takeout (S’mac – yes, that’s three orders for the two of us), and pulled out the sofabed for a movie night.  We got into comfy clothes right away and watched “Stand By Me,” which has long been on my list.  

3 on thurs3

Even though it was totally out of the way, we headed to the Upper West for afternoon drinks at the Boat Basin before Yacht Rock.  It was a pregame for our pregame…who are we?  It may not be conveniently located, but gotta love those views.

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