3 on Thursday

I came back to 1,000 emails on Monday.  That is in no way an exaggeration.  But it was worth it to have a relaxing vacation with my family.

3 on thurs1

While I was home, we celbrated Brooks’ first birthday, which was actually yesterday.  Though we’ve facetimed, it was my first time seeing him in person since Thanksgiving and he is a totally different person.  He is so sweet and full of giggles – I just loved spending time with him.

3 on thurs2

St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty big deal in Savannah so I loved this sign outside one of our local Hilton Head bars.

3 on thurs3

About 2 weeks ago was the second and final #Manhattanhenge of the year.  Albert and I got off the train from Connecticut about 20 minutes before it was supposed to happen.  Since our first attempt was a bust we wanted to make sure we caught it – and luckily the best spot to view it is right by the apartment.  It was a much better sight than the last time, but unfortunately clouds still got in the way.  Since this is the first year I’ve even tried to see it and the first year it hasn’t worked, I’m pretty sure I’m bad luck for Manhattanhenge – please don’t hate me, New Yorkers.