3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

If all goes well, I’ll be able to work from home tomorrow.  So keep your fingers crossed because work doesn’t feel so bad when you can do it in your pjs or a bikini!  In the meantime I’m thinking of all the Summertime things I want to do.  Because it took so long to warm up, it feels like the summer is just getting started, when it’s really more than halfway over!

3 on thurs1

When we were in Hilton Head, we saw tons of these protected turtle nests.  It was fun to feel like I was making a scientific discovery every time I saw one.  It’s also another reminder of how nice it is whenever we go to our house there.  We totally disconnect and enjoy the simple pleasures of the pool and beach.

3 on thurs2

I’ve always wanted to order eggs and soldiers for brunch because I love that the soft boiled eggs come in those cute little egg cups.  I finally got to try the dish and loved it!

3 on thurs3

I treated myself to some cold pressed watermelon juice when Whole Foods had a two for $6 deal.  So refreshing in this summer heat! 

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